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In 1978, neighborhood property owners, asked the City Council to place a deed restriction on the property at White Rock Trail. This deed restriction said that the property could ONLY be used for the following purposes and no other.

  1. Single family detached homes;
  2. Bank without a drive through;
  3. Medical/Dental/Optical clinic;
  4. General Office

Our City Council representative, Adam McGough, has spoken to the City Attorney’s office and can fight the construction of a school in that location based on this deed restriction. However, he needs to hear from neighbors so that he is representing the views of the neighborhood appropriately.

Only when we get the school construction blocked will RISD sit down with residents and build a school that meets the needs of all of Lake Highlands.

Please send an email to Councilman McGough (adam.mcgough@dallascityhall.comTODAY and tell him:

I am a resident of the neighborhood impacted by the proposed new RISD school at White Rock Trail & Walnut Hill.

It is my understanding that the property currently is subject to a deed restriction which was put in place to protect the neighborhood. I am opposed to the deed restriction being waived and am opposed to construction of any type of school on this property.

Others to copy in your email:

And include

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