Our Purpose

This website defines and focuses on the reasons White Rock Trail and Walnut Hill is not a good location for a School.  We want the RISD Board to work harder to find a solution to help our children stay safe in a neighborhood school.  Below are some of the key concerns shown by the families and parents of the children in our neighborhood.

  • Child Safety Concern
  • Traffic Concerns
  • Neighborhood School
  • Lack of Green Space
  • Emergency Vehicle Access
  • Cost of Location to Tax Payers

While we understand that there are issues with capacity at White Rock Elementary, we feel that the construction of a school at White Rock Trail is not the best solution for the problem, it is just the easiest solution.

How Will It Impact You?

  1. The attendance boundaries for elementary schools will be redrawn. How they are redrawn will be entirely up to RISD board members.
  1. There has already been a message from RISD, that the extra capacity at White Rock Elementary will be used to accommodate transfer students and children of staff members and probably not for programs that would enhance the education experience for students.
  1. A school on that site will be a considerable traffic concern for the neighborhood. White Rock Trail is one of the major exits out of the neighborhood. Not only will White Rock Trail be impacted, interior streets will be impacted as residents find new routes through the interior streets of our neighborhood to exit.
  1. An RISD preliminary traffic analysis has confirmed our traffic concerns and is recommending that White Rock Trail be expanded. This will pose an undue burden on your neighbors who are adjacent to White Rock Trail as they may have property that is reclaimed by the city via eminent domain.
  1. That site is not feasible for a new school as it is only 4.5 acres leaving very little green space for students and parking for only 250 vehicles.
  1. Preliminary estimates suggest that a school on this site would cost 2x what a school on a more suitable site would cost. This is due to the site being smaller, and the elevation change on the site.

What Can You Do?

In 1978, neighborhood property owners, asked the City Council to place a deed restriction on the property at White Rock Trail. This deed restriction said that the property could ONLY be used for the following purposes and no other:

  1. Single family detached homes;
  2. Bank without a drive through;
  3. Medical/Dental/Optical clinic;
  4. General Office

Our City Council representative, Adam McGough, has spoken to the City Attorney’s office and can fight the construction of a school in that location based on this deed restriction. However, he needs to hear from neighbors so that he is representing the views of the neighborhood appropriately.

Only when we get the school construction blocked will RISD sit down with residents and build a school that meets the needs of all of Lake Highlands.

Please send an email to Councilman McGough (adam.mcgough@dallascityhall.com) TODAY and tell him:

I am a resident of the neighborhood impacted by the proposed new RISD school at White Rock Trail & Walnut Hill.

It is my understanding that the property currently is subject to a deed restriction which was put in place to protect the neighborhood. I am opposed to the deed restriction being waived and am opposed to construction of any type of school on this property.

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